Voting in Thornbury

Mail-In Ballots may be dropped off at the Ballot Drop Box in Thornbury.  

Location: Thornbury Park @ 345 Glen Mills Rd., Thornton.  The drop box is located next to the restrooms.

The drop box is unlocked and ready to accept ballots after the mail-ballots have been mailed out.   The drop box is accessible 24x7 until 8PM on Election Day. 

Additional ballot drop box locations are available elsewhere in Delaware County.

In-Person voting takes place from 7AM - 8PM at one of 3 polling locations that service the 5 voting precincts in Thornbury.

Unsure where to vote or which precinct you're in?   Find Your Precinct And Polling Location Here

Precinct 1 & Precinct 2 both vote at:

 Bethlehem Methodist Church (aka Beth-Meth, BUMC) located at 4 Westtown Road, Thornton

Precinct 3 & Precinct 4 both vote at:

 Thornbury Township Building located at 6 Township Drive, Cheyney

Precinct 3 enters through the door on the LEFT.  

Precinct 4 enters through the door on the RIGHT.

Precinct 5 votes at: 

NEW POLLING LOCATION Glen Mills Community Center located at 54 Three Wood Drive, Glen Mills