Become a Committee Member

What is a Committee Member?

A Committee Member (CM) is the representative of the Democratic Party in your district or precinct.  A CM is a volunteer who works to support Democratic candidates and elections.  A CM is at the core of grass-roots local politics.  Elections can be decided by a handful of votes in a single precinct and your enthusiasm and effort makes a difference in whether we win or lose.

What does a Committee Member do?

There are many different things that a Committee Member may do over the course of a year.

Support Elections & Local Democratic Voters

Support the Thornbury Democratic Committee

Assist in Finding and Electing Local Democratic Candidates

The Committee Person Handbook, written by the PA Dems, is an important guide to understanding the function of a Committee Person.

The Delaware County Democrats also wrote a shorter Committee Member Guide for our County.

What are the Types of Committee Members and how does someone become a Committee Member?




If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member, contact our Chair, Bonnie Friedman at