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We need you to be excited (or angry) and ready to vote on November 8!

Why does voting Democrat for GOVERNOR matter?

  • In PA, the Governor APPOINTS the Secretary of State, who oversees elections. Mastriano has committed to appointing someone who believes the 2020 election was invalid to oversee our election process.

  • The Governor has VETO power over a Republican-controlled legislature. Our current Governor, Tom Wolf has had to veto 55 (Republican-led) bills and resolutions so far, including those that deny a woman's right to reproductive health care, those that loosen gun laws, and laws that would hinder PA's ability to respond to the climate crisis. If Republicans retain the legislative majority, the Governor is LITERALLY the last line of defense against their harmful, regressive, and hateful policies.

Why does voting Democrat for PA STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 160 matter?

  • We have the ability to flip enough seats to make the PA State House a Democratic majority. Our State House seat is flippable.

  • The Republicans currently have the majority. They are trying to pursue a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw women's reproductive healthcare. The below image is from a notice placed in the 8/1 edition of the Delaware County Daily Times.

  • In order to do this, they have to pass a resolution in TWO different legislative sessions and then put a referendum question on the ballot for voters to vote on. Their goal is to put a referendum question on a low turn out election ballot to ensure that it passes. They are aiming for the May 2023 Municipal Primary, when there is typically less than 15% voter turnout. They already passed the resolution during the current legislative session. To proceed to a ballot referendum, they must retain control of the General Assembly after the November 8, 2022 election and then pass their resolution a second time. If we flip the General Assembly, this political maneuver ends.

  • The current seat holder, Republican Craig Williams, ran as a "moderate Republican." However, his voting record has proven otherwise. He has also supported efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 election. Read more here.

  • Cathy Spahr supports women's reproductive health, sensible gun regulations, and public education. Read more about Cathy here.

Why does voting Democrat for US SENATE and US HOUSE matter?

  • We worked hard to elect Joe Biden. He has many accomplishments to be proud of, but not having solid Senate majority he can count on to further his agenda has been a major roadblock. This Senate seat is critical to FLIP.

  • The House MUST remain Democratically controlled in order for progress to continue.

“In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it.”

Barack Obama

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