PA State House District 160

Cathy Spahr - Running for the State House in District 160

Cathy is currently the Senior Planner and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Lead for Delaware County, giving Cathy the experience required to understand how the intersection of federal, state and local government impacts individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania.

Cathy has the vision for a brighter future, the determination to make it happen, and the grit to persevere in the face of challenges.

Top-of-mind issues for Cathy include

  • open space and natural resource preservation, and

  • the empowerment of local government to better address community impacting issues such as the Mariner East 2 pipeline.

She is focused on supporting more responsible legislation in the areas of

  • women’s rights,

  • climate unpredictability,

  • common sense gun laws, and

  • the fair treatment of immigrants.

The current seat holder, Republican Craig Williams, ran as a "moderate Republican." However, his voting record has proven otherwise. He has voted YES to

    • Funneling tax dollars from school districts to other education entities.

    • Requiring no permits to carry a concealed weapon.

    • Requiring mandatory fetal remains consultation for any woman whose pregnancy terminates early for any reason (including miscarriages).

    • Eliminating the authority of the PA Department of Environment Protection to regulate carbon pollution from the power sector

    • Opening protected public lands to drilling rights leases.

Furthermore, while not denying his own election win, Rep. Williams has voiced support for "Stop the Steal" efforts and voted NO on a bill to bar convicted insurrectionists from running for office in PA. He is cited in this article as one of the many PA legislators who felt it was in their best interest to undermine the PA election results.

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